Silvestri Real Estate Consulting Services

For investment professionals seeking professional help in matters of sale and purchase of real estate, Silvestri Real Estate can consult on various real estate matters. Whether entrepreneurs, lenders, corporate groups or investors; professional real estate consulting firms offer their experience, market knowledge to help all parties make better decisions. The typical services offered by real estate consulting companies include market studies, due diligence, sales value advisory, portfolio evaluation and best practice direction for value-add investors.

Professional help

We help clients accomplish success in their real estate analysis. Our real estate consulting services make use of modern analytics and technology to come up with deeper insights and recommendations on various areas like portfolio optimization. This helps companies in handling critical real estate deals in a more profitable manner, so that it proves to be economically feasible in the long run.

With a detailed understanding of the relationship between capital markets, asset valuation, and the current continually shifting real estate market issues, Silvestri Real Estate Consulting Services will give innovative ideas to our clients. Our goal is to enhance the outcomes and leverage our 30+ years of market experience.

Briefly, these are the activities that a real estate consulting firm undertakes for the client:

  • Evaluation of individual properties or entire apartment community portfolios.
  • Executing single-property and portfolio value analysis.
  • Identifying and undertaking valuations of in-place and value-add market forecast.

Those who seek the services of professional real estate consulting firms on a regular basis include:

  • Multi – Family operators
  • Lenders
  • Investors GP & LP
  • 1031 Intermediaries
  • Operators – Developers
  • Corporate realty groups across various industries

Consulting process

Apartment developers, buyers and sellers want real estate consultants that can assist in the evaluation for the purchase of a property.

Silvestri Real Estate is available to consult for these services.

Pricing is subject to the scope of work involved and will be glad to provide an estimate on these services.