Dan Mallon – Senior Vice President, Partner – Lauth Communities, LLC

Lauth Communities has been developing a relationship with the Silvestri team over the past two years.  We recently closed our first transaction.  Brandon and the Silvestri team exceeded our expectation in their involvement of working through deal points with the seller during contract negotiations as well as assisting with every facet of closing.  Lauth is excited to continue to build on this success and look forward to working with the Silvestri team on another acquisition.

Tom Farnoly – Principal – Springer Capital

Springer Capital has transacted with the Silvestri Team on both the buy and sell side over the past seven years. They have been nothing but consummate professionals with a deep understanding of the market. We have found them to be extremely knowledgeable in the valuation process and communicate effectively during due diligence. We look forward to many more transactions with the Silvestri Team.

Todd Dexheimer – CoFounder & Principal – Endurus Capital

Silvestri Real Estate is top notch. We have worked with the Silvestri team on multiple occasions on both the buy and sell side and they are personable, diligent, knowledgeable and exceed expectations. When the time came for us to sell, Silvestri was able to bring much higher than expected. They worked tirelessly to bring the sales across the finish line, despite a difficult buyer. I highly recommend working with Silvestri.

Adam Bailey – Managing Director – Birge & Held

We have acquired two multi-family apartment communities with Silvestri in 2021.  Their team (Robert, Brandon, Ken) are top notch professionals who excel at communication, responsiveness, trust, understanding, fairness, and execution.  Both acquisitions went very smooth thanks to the strong capabilities of this team.  We look forward to closing many more opportunities with the Silvestri team in the near and distant future.

Eric Mertlbauer – Director of Acquisitions – Summit Equity Investments

Silvestri’s knowledge of not only the submarkets, but their network of relationships with national and regional firms creates an ample, liquid opportunity to both acquire and dispose of assets under their brokerage. Their constant pulse on the transaction volume allows for real-time market feedback throughout the entire transaction process.

Herve Francois – Providence Capital / The DeRosa Group

The Silvestri team has been instrumental to our growth in Lexington.  Their market knowledge and network has allowed us to feel comfortable investing out of state.  We will continue to use Silvestri for our growth in Lexington for many years to come.

Farrar Pang – Owner – Equity Partners Group, LLC

My partner and I had the pleasure of working with the Silvestri Real Estate team on a multi-family acquisition.  I was very impressed with their efficiency and effectiveness on all aspects of the process.

Robert Ritzenthaler – CEO – R.E.M. Capital Partners

Ken and his team are old-school.  Say what you mean and do what you say.  We appreciate that immensely especially in this market where relationships are increasingly worthless when push comes to shove.  These guys get the job done and add a ton of value along the way.  Not to mention they are easy to deal with, don’t waste time, and have a depth of knowledge about their markets that is really helpful.  Thank you guys for your excellent work!

Robert Roach – Capital City Rentals

When I first met the Silvestri Team in person it was as if I had known them a long time.  They have an ability to develop within a very short time a relationship.  A relationship built on the way you are treated.  For us, they executed a carefully thought-out marketing process tailored specifically to our scenario.  This process and their professionalism got us results we could not be happier with.  I have never dealt with better people in any business relationship.  I consider them my friends.

Joseph Waldman – President – Highgate Group

We’d like to thank Ken Silvestri and his team for their outstanding service in helping us secure a multi-family apartment complex in Louisville, and a multi-family development property in Lexington.  Ken’s first step was understanding our needs and goals for commercial real estate.  Then together, we began exploring numerous options in the Kentucky commercial real estate market – Ken educating us in the process.  Like any transaction, there were some hurdles along the way.  However, Ken and his team were diligent, creative and hardworking in finding our properties and making it work.  We find working with them a very pleasant and professional experience.  Ken kept emphasizing that the deal needed to be “right” for us, he truly cares for our strategy.  We appreciate Ken’s experience, integrity and knowledge of the real estate market in Kentucky and his finesse with people.  We highly recommend Ken Silvestri & his wonderful team and we look forward to working further together in the future.